Early Career Teachers

Mentoring, Development, Career Progression

Program at a Glance (Final)


Wednesday, September 21

6:00-6:30 pm: Welcome Message by the Forum Coordinators (Old Stones)

6:30-7:30 pm: Opening Dinner (Old Stones)

7:30-9:00 pm: Keynote:

  • Fostering Vitality in Schools: Nurturing Compassion, Building Trust, and Celebrating Strengths – Megan Tschannen-Moran (VA, USA)

Thursday, September 22

8:00-9:00 am: Breakfast Together (Old Stones)

9:00-9:15 am: Opening Remarks (Ballroom C)

9:15-10:30 am: Session 1 (Ballroom C)

  • Pan-Canadian Teacher Induction and Mentoring Research Project Overview – Keith Walker (SK), Benjamin Kutsyuruba, Lorraine Godden, Ian Matheson, John Bosica, Maha Al Makhamreh, Rebecca Stroud Stasel (ON)

10:30-10:45 am: Refreshment Break (Foyer)

10:45-12:00 pm: Session 2 Workshop (Ballroom C)

  • Evocative Coaching – Megan and Bob Tschannen-Moran (VA, USA)

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch (Old Stones)

1:00-2:15 pm: Session 3

Session 3.1 Pan-Canadian Research Presentations and Discussions (Ballroom C)

  • Learning from the Ontario’s New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) – Jim Strachan (ON)
  • What are we learning about induction and mentorship? Highlights from a Longitudinal Study of Teacher Induction in Winnipeg School Division – Kathy Collis, Gail Ruta Fontaine, Francine Morin (MB)
  • The Rewards and Challenges of Guiding New Teachers on the Road of Professional Learning: Considering the Work of Principals in Supporting the Newest Teachers in Ontario Publicly-Funded Elementary Schools – Jenny Gonyou-Brown (ON)

Session 3.2 Pan-Canadian Research Presentations and Discussions (Gibraltar)

  • The impact of mentor development on Associate Teachers and Faculty Advisors – Geri Salinitri, Sara Shahbazi, Alyssa Palazzolo (ON)
  • Creating Coherence, Honouring Diversity: A Partnership Approach to Teacher Mentorship in British Columbia – Ching-Chiu Lin, Alison Davies, Devon Stokes-Bennett (BC)
  • Finding the right “fit” in international teaching: What we know about hiring new teachers and how to support them – Launa Gauthier (ON)

2:15-2:30 pm: Networking Break (Foyer)

2:30-3:30 pm: Session 4 Workshop (Ballroom C)

  • Adapting Mentorship for Teacher Well-being and Career Resilience Development – Keith Walker (SK), Benjamin Kutsyuruba (ON)

3:30-3:45 pm: Refreshment Break (Foyer)

3:45-5:00 pm: Session 5 (Ballroom C)

  • Bliss and Blisters of First Years of Teaching: Panel and Conversation Session – Panelists: Keith Alcock (ON), Matthew McIntyre (QC), Catherine Tang (ON), Michael Veryzer (ON)

5:00-7:00 pm: Light Reception (Old Stones)

Friday, September 23

8:00-9:00 am: Breakfast Together (Old Stones)

9:00-9:15 am: Opening Remarks (Ballroom C)

9:15-10:30 am: Session 6

Session 6.1 Pan-Canadian Research Presentations and Discussions (Ballroom C)

  • The Assessment of Students’ Learning: A Major Hurdle for Beginning Teachers in Quebec and Ontario – Sylvie Fontaine (QC), Ruth Kane (ON)
  • Threading the needle: Lessons learned from developing and implementing a Mentoring and Coaching Fellowship in an English school board in Western Quebec – Trista Hollweck (QC)
  • Teaching in the early years of practice: A Five-Year Longitudinal Study of Alberta beginning teachers – Laura Servage, Jaime Beck (AB)

Session 6.2 The Role of School Administrator in Teacher Induction and Mentoring Programs: Panel and Research Presentation (Gibraltar)

  • School Administrator Panel – Carmine Minutillo (ON), Terry Kharyati (ON), Deborah Thompson (ON), Darren Seymour (ON)

10:30-10:45 am: Refreshment Break (Foyer)

10:45-12:00 pm: Session 7

Session 7.1 Roundtable Discussions (Ballroom C)

  • Teaching practice or practicing teaching: How practicum affects the attitudes and motivations of teacher candidates – Eleftherios (Terry) Soleas (ON), Ji Hong (OK, USA)
  • Successes and Challenges of Second Language Mentorship in Higher Education in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam – Hung Tran (AB)
  • Career/Life Planning in K-12 Public Schools Curricula: Preparing and Supporting New and Beginning Teachers to Talk About Careers – Lorraine Godden (ON)
  • Understanding pre-service teachers’ legal literacy and experiences with legal issues in practicum settings: Implications for early career teachers – James Murray (ON), Benjamin Kutsyuruba (ON)

Session 7.2 *Optional: Overview of the proposed pan-Canadian edited book on Early Career Teacher Induction and Mentorship (Gibraltar)

  • This session is for potential contributors of chapters in the upcoming edited volume.

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch (Old Stones)

1:00-2:00 pm Closing Remarks and Farewell (Ballroom C)