Early Career Teachers

Mentoring, Development, Career Progression


supporting_growth_01One of the overarching purposes of our research projects is to initiate and sustain the long-term pan-Canadian conversations among scholars, practitioners, and leaders whose work is related to the development of new and early career teachers across all provinces and territories. Conducting pan-Canadian research for us means engaging with various partners across provinces and territories that work directly and indirectly with early career teachers. To this end, we have established the following partnerships:

  1. Expert panel: The pan-Canadian expert panel consists of scholars (university deans, faculty, and graduate students) who conduct research on teacher induction and mentorship; teacher induction program coordinators (at the ministry, teacher association, school board, or school levels); school principals; and representatives of provincial and territorial teacher associations, federations, and unions. The panel’s role is advisory in nature.
  2. Teacher Associations/Federations/Unions and other teacher organizations:  We have partnered with representatives of teacher organizations in all provinces and territories to help with piloting, translating, advising, and disseminating the pan-Canadian early career teacher survey. The invitations have been sent out in English, French, and Inuktitut languages, and survey is offered in English and French. We would like to express our gratitude to the following organizations: Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association (NLTA); British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF); Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) and its affiliates AEFO, OECTA, ETFO, and OSSTF;  Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association (NWTTA); New Brunswick Teachers’ Association (NBTA); Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS); Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA); Nunavut Teachers’ Association (NTA); Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU); Prince Edward Island Teachers’ Federation (PEITF); and Quebec’s Carrefour national de l’insertion professionnelle en enseignement (CNIPE).
  3. Ministries/Department of Education: A number of ministries and departments of education across Canada have been involved with providing input and survey dissemination efforts (e.g., Ontario’s Ministry of Education; Yukon’s Department of Education; Nunavut’s Department of Education).
  4. Publishers:  One of the outcomes of our research project is an edited volume on Canadian perspectives on Teacher Induction and Mentoring Support for Early Career Teachers. We will be partnering with one of the Canadian publishers for this project.