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The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching: The edited book is published!

The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching: A Pan-Canadian Perspective

Edited by Benjamin Kutsyuruba and Keith D. Walker

Published by Word & Deed Publishing Inc., May 2017

ISBN: 9780991862696

Book Summary

Anchored within the pan-Canadian research exploration of teacher induction and mentorship programs, this hopeful and resource-filled book provides a unique collection of perspectives on the bliss and blisters of early career teaching. Over 40 educators offer a wide, deep, and rich array of descriptions of, and prescriptions for, both the difficult and the delightful realities associated with being a new teacher and supporting new teachers. This book is an excellent resource for teacher educators, mentors, scholars, program coordinators, practicum and course instructors, school administrators, policy makers, teacher candidates, and new teachers who wish to hear the voices of their colleagues, mentors, and experts with across-Canada viewpoints.

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Don’t Quit! Tips for Surviving the First Years of Teaching

Teacher attrition is costly to school systems, but it does’t have to! With proper induction approach and mentoring, new teachers will not only survive but also can thrive in the first years of teaching.

See comments from Dr. Benjamin Kutsyuruba and our project’s partners, Drs. Rita Irwin and Ching-Chiu Lin, and Kimberley McKay in the TEACH Magazine’s article: “Don’t Quit: Tips for surviving the first years of teaching”.

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Only 2 days left until the forum!

We look forward to welcoming our forum attendees in a few days!

The aim of the first pan-Canadian Teacher Induction and Mentoring Forum is to initiate the pan-Canadian conversations among the interested parties who work with early career teachers from all provinces and territories in Canada. It is open for scholars, administrators, teacher induction and mentoring program coordinators, representatives from teacher associations, ministries/departments of education, universities, school boards, schools, and community organizations across Canada.

Keynote by Dr. Megan Tschannen-Moran


Fostering Vitality in Schools: Nurturing Compassion, Building Trust, and Celebrating Strengths

Vibrant schools are joyful places where curiosity and love of learning abide.  Cultivating compassion through a clear and specific model of empathy and adopting a strengths-based orientation for both faculty and students are two powerful strategies for bringing about these vibrant learning environments.  In addition, a growing body of research demonstrates the essential role that trust plays in creating positive learning outcomes for students. Let us explore together how we might foster more vitality in our own professional learning contexts.

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Congratulations to our iPad draw winner!

iPad WinnerCongratulations to our online survey draw winner of an iPad mini, Annette Te Stroete from British Columbia.

Here’s what Annette had to say about her teaching journey:

“My third grade teacher inspired me to be a teacher and after completing my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of the Fraser Valley in 2008 and my Bachelor of Education degree at Simon Fraser University in 2011, it became a reality. I was hired on in the North Vancouver School District as a Teacher Teaching On Call in 2012. During this time, I completed the Integrating Technology into a Digital Age graduate diploma at Simon Fraser University because technology is one of my passions and I see its potential to engage and inspire students. After two and a half years of teaching on call, I was offered my first contract teaching a challenging Grade 6/7 class and now I have a continuing contract as a Grade 7 teacher at Queen Mary Community Elementary, an authorized International Baccalaureate World School. My goal is to ladder my graduate diploma into a Masters of Education in Educational Practice in the coming year. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, hiking, and reading.”

We wish you all the best in your future professional endeavours, Annette.