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The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching: The edited book is published!

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The Bliss and Blisters of Early Career Teaching: A Pan-Canadian Perspective

Edited by Benjamin Kutsyuruba and Keith D. Walker

Published by Word & Deed Publishing Inc., May 2017

ISBN: 9780991862696

Book Summary

Anchored within the pan-Canadian research exploration of teacher induction and mentorship programs, this hopeful and resource-filled book provides a unique collection of perspectives on the bliss and blisters of early career teaching. Over 40 educators offer a wide, deep, and rich array of descriptions of, and prescriptions for, both the difficult and the delightful realities associated with being a new teacher and supporting new teachers. This book is an excellent resource for teacher educators, mentors, scholars, program coordinators, practicum and course instructors, school administrators, policy makers, teacher candidates, and new teachers who wish to hear the voices of their colleagues, mentors, and experts with across-Canada viewpoints.

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Author: Ben Kutsyuruba

Associate Professor (Educational Policy and Leadership, and School Law); Associate Director, Social Program Evaluation Group (SPEG), Faculty of Education, Queen's University. Throughout his career, Benjamin has worked as a teacher, researcher, manager, and professor in the field of education in Ukraine and Canada.

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